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Can We Be Our Own Cupids?

The month of February can be difficult for so many people who have not yet manifested their dream relationship. The candy hearts, boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, and balloons may only serve as reminders of what they don't have. Many people, well-versed in the law of attraction and with a seemingly unsinkable self-concept, will fall prey to feelings of doubt, sadness, and self-pity during this month of love in overdrive. But....what if they didn't have to?

What if they, you if this applies, decided to take this as an opportunity to seize control of their destiny and double down on their manifestations? Let's take a moment to visit the concept, the history, of Cupid. According to Greek mythology, Cupid is the son of Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, and Venus, the goddess of love. Cupid is well known for flying around freely, shooting others with his infamous bow and arrow, bringing about love in cases where there was previously doubt and confusion. By believing that his arrows are magical and can create love, he manifests it instantly and effortlessly.

So what I am posing to you is this: be your own cupid for the month of February. Affirm it, believe it, and create it: "I am my own cupid", "I create love effortlessly", "Manifesting love is easy for me". Rather than feel saddened and disappointed by the lovey-dovey social media posts, the jewelry ads, and the engagement announcements going up ad nauseam, take this as a sign that your happily ever after is already on its way to you, because you have willed it so. Become your own cupid and manifest your own fairy tale ending today!

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Manifest with Mary
Manifest with Mary
Feb 01, 2022

Let me know what other topics I should cover in future blogs! -Mary

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